News  |  January 10  |  2016

2016 Communication Arts Typography Annual


Here at the studio our Communication Arts library goes back to the early ’90s and has always been inspirational. That’s why we are honored to have our work featured in the 2016 Typography Annual.

Thankfully, our clients at Great Raft Brewing aren’t afraid to be playful and bold, which allows us to do the same with our projects for them. For Reasonably Corrupt, we developed a series of tongue-in-cheek illustrative approaches around the subject of functional corruption, long associated with the culture of Louisiana. In the end, we chose to focus the narrative on a single iconic image, which leaves room for interpretation of both positives and negatives, much like debate on the issue.

Also, a big thank you to Justin Helton of Status Serigraph for collaborating with us on the illustration.

See the can at Communication Arts