News  |  May 2  |  2016

A Pale Mosaic getting some press


Our latest design for Hops & Grain made it onto The Dieline and Oh Beautiful Beer on back to back days!

Here’s the full story behind the design:

Hops & Grain Brewing is very selective about every new beer they create and meticulous about perfecting a recipe before introducing it as a packaged product. After a year spent exploring the potential of the new Mosaic hop variety, owner & brewmaster Josh Hare hit on an American Style IPA that knocked his socks off. Matching his enthusiasm, we were ready to experiment with and further develop the brewery’s existing packaging system. As anyone who’s been to the beer aisle recently can tell you, the market has become increasingly more crowded, and we wanted consumers to continue to be excited about Hops & Grain and the outstanding quality of their beer. We decided the best way to increase visual energy while maintaining the brand’s identity was through the introduction of pattern into the can’s negative space.

For A Pale Mosaic we took our visual cues from the beer’s descriptors, “rich, crisp and vibrant”, and developed a subtle “mosaic” that enhances the vitality of the design.

The original color set for this can was warm oranges and yellows but a last minute curve ball sent us back to the drawing board. When life gives you lemons, as they say…the mix of blues with the silver was a perfect match for the personality of this American style IPA and sets it apart.