News  |  June 23  |  2016

Provisions & Traditions on The Dieline


Did you see the post The Dieline did on our Provisions & Traditions packaging? Read about the project below, or better yet go check it out on their blog!


Andrew and Lindsay Nations moved back to their home state of Louisiana to start Great Raft Brewing because of their love for the region and its culture. Andrew had always been interested in teaming up with a group of chefs to create beers that celebrate the culinary richness of Louisiana and highlight regional ingredients in the brewing process. Combining that concept with their interest in giving back to the local community made a collaboration with the John Besh Foundation a perfect match. The foundation provides scholarships to aspiring chefs as well as grants and micro loans to local farmers in an effort to preserve the vivid gastronomic history of Louisiana. A portion of the proceeds from every Provisions & Traditions beer sold went directly to support those efforts. Over the course of a year, the brewers at Great Raft Brewing worked closely with the Best executive chefs, each the head of their own restaurant in New Orleans, to create distinctly different beers that paired well with the cuisine in each of the restaurants. We worked towards designing a label that would showcase the spirit of Louisiana in a way that felt true to both the Great Raft brand as well as the Besh Foundation.

Photographer Matthew Noel graciously donated his work to the effort. The richness of his images capture the character of Louisiana and serve as a colorful backdrop to Erick Montes’ typography.